Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Blog: April 5, 2012

Welp, this is my first real blog! I have been trying to start this thing up for about a week.  The hardest part is trying to think of a name, then a domain name. I guess these will work for now.  I guess I should tell you a little about myself. I am from a small town in Kentucky! Yes, Kentucky! Go BIG BLUE!!! My family are huge wildcats fans, it was awesome to see them bring home a championship!!

I am married to the most wonderful husband, Ryan and I have a beautiful daughter named Madison Daisy.  I work at ACS which most people know about, I've worked there 8 years.. I have a B.A. in Business, and I'm currently working on my Masters in Teaching!! I can't wait, I love working with children, it is always what I've wanted to do but the student teaching part has always held me back because I've always had to work.

I have some awesome stuff lined up to talk about in my blogs and a special something that includes losing inches in 45 mintues. Yes I said 45 Minutes! and It Works!!! I have tried it and I love it. I can't wait to tell you about it. 

This is my favoirte pic of us done by Jessalyn Bowman Photography, she is an awesome lady, wonderful mom and an fabulous photographer. She is currently working on an Autism Awareness Walk done in Clay County to help raise awareness of Autism and to rasie money for iPads to be used in our school system for all kids with speccial needs, how awesome is that! If you want to know more info, go to facebook and look up Clay County Austim Awareness Walk.


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