Thursday, April 5, 2012

Make a $4.99 hat blingin' for Easter or the Kentucky Derby

Every year on Easter the ladies at church wear Easter hats! This year instead of paying the big bucks for one, I decided that I would make one myself. I got a hot pink hat @ The Family Dollar Store for $4.99, you can't beat that. The next purchase was from Cato's, a $5.99 black daisy with a black stone in the middle. The last thing was a rhinestone belt for $8.99 from a local shop in town. The bigger the better!!

You need a glue gun and that's pretty much all you need to put it together.

So, pretty much I just super glued the belt on.  To separate the ends from the belt all you have to do is take a box cutter and cut in between the rhinestones because they are just attached with elastic.  I super glued the bottom role and top roles and placed it around the hat slowly. Then, where the beginning and end meet I placed the flower over that part.  The flower has a clip on it for your hair and also a pin, but if you can't find one like that, I'm sure you could just super glue it on too. I can't wait to wear this to church on Easter! Will post pics later!



I loove your hat ideas.....I hope you have fun wearing them :) and I'm sooo glad to be your first follower :D


Thank You! I'm so glad your my first follower too!! I have some more really great ideas that I will be posting about!

Sharon Davidson

So pretty!

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